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Your Friday Night In… January 1980

Friday, 18th January 1980


A high-water mark for the ‘Stars, 1980 saw the UK under the thrall of Brian Jacks, who was to face his greatest threat – Daley ‘Daley’s Decathlon’ Thompson. This was also the year of International Superstars, but right now attention was faced on the parochial Ferguson Trophy, with a heat that took our heroes to Scotland for the first time, and the Grangemouth Sports Complex (it really is the jewel of the Falkirk Community Trust). Competitors included: Grant Anderson, a 22-stone former weightlifter turned Highland Games professional; Steve Assinder, the National Basketball Association’s ‘Player of the Year’; weightlifter Andy Drzewiecki; and Scottish international and Manchester United player Joe Jordan. With your hosts, David ‘The Guvnor’ Vine and Ron ‘chest sweat’ Pickering. Produced in collaboration with Trans World International and Candid Productions Inc.


6.10pm MONKEY, BBC2
“Old Chinese proverb says: ‘He who mixes Monkey business with pleasure liable end up making people laugh’.” Yup, actual Radio Times billing for you there. This is the seventh episode of the first series, ‘The Beginning of Wisdom’. Our records are perilously scant on whether or not this was one of the ones where Tripitaka made Monkey’s headband shrink, and he went: “Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi!’

7.30pm 3-2-1, ITV
“Another friendly session of family fun… parade your pinkies and do it with me!” It’s a jungle theme tonight, with Acker Bilk and Bob Carolgees dropping by to help things along. As ever, it’s lights down for the five sketches, clues and the hope of winning a car. Notably, in this instalment, the female quotient of the heterosexual married couple-players falls ill during the first funny and has to quit the show. But no worries! Ted’s got the zingers as the evening continues: “You try explaining David Bellamy to a chimpanzee”. Watch the entire thing above!



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