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  • Philip Green and The Trouble with Topshop, Thursday, 22.00, Channel 5

    This textbook fast-turnaround Channel 5 pop doc probably isn’t going to offer much of Cream-related interest, but with no Pops today we’ve got to find something, and this programme apparently includes a potted history of Topshop, a chain which seemed the ultimate in sophistication when it arrived in the eighties but probably expanded a bit too fast and now seems a bit of a tired brand. But it does remind us that we’ve just dug out our favourite C&A T-shirt for another summer, and we were hopeful you might be able to pass on happy high street fashion memories from over the years, if you’d like. We’ll try not to derail it to discussion about escalators in Wrexham again.

"Brian's Binatone is great for his cassettes!"

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