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"Wotcher!" Mike placates another brood high on welfare orange

ENJOYABLE EARTHY nuts-and-bolts kids quizzery helmed by the behemoth of bespectacled bonhomie, MIKE REID. Our Frank asked the questions before inviting the teams of sprogs to “g-g-g-g-goooooo” (i.e. run from one side of the studio to the other and stand under one of three multiple choice answers). Once there, very kids were ordered to “runaround” (i.e. change their answer, should they so desire). And that was it. Or was it? Tactics could, and did, play a big part, if, for instance, you didn’t know the answer to the question and plumped for the circle that most people were standing on, or the circle that the girly swot was standing on, in the hope this would be right. However should you be the girly swot, and you do know the answer to the question, maybe you deliberately run to the wrong one first, and, as all the other kids jump onto your circle, scarper off to the one you know is right. Hmm. Cascade of stereotypical yoof prizes – Scalectrix, Fuzzy Felt – rumoured to have been wrestled back off the kids once the cameras had stopped rolling in order to save Southern TV some pennies.

"Geroff!" Pick it, lick it, roll it, flick it
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