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Logan’s Run

Annual outing for the much-loved prog sci-fi panto. Michael York and Jenny Agutter escape from queasily rendered Radio 1-style age fascist society and shamble arbitrarily from set piece to set piece, ranging from the bizarre (a barrel-scraping deep freeze robot guardian) to the slightly annoying (the bathetic ‘Peter Ustinov’s mad cat recluse bloke’ ending). Of course, it’s a moral tale wrapped in an ethical conundrum – would you rather dress up in a Day-Glo Batman cape and spin around in mid-air until you explode, or have to sit about in some wilderness listening to an avuncular old fruit quote TS Eliot at you forever? The bleakest vision of the future ever committed to celluloid.

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  1. Nick

    September 11, 2015 at 2:36 pm

    Another outing for Agutter’s jubblies. The veritable benchmark of screen nudity in the 70s.

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