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List of Adrian Messenger, The

Extremely odd late-period John Houston mystery, with MI5 operative George C Scott investigating the titular list of recently-assassinated individuals with the help of Kirk Douglas, some intrusive vocal dubbing by Rich ‘Pink Panther’ Little, and some rather slack technical photography. Not great or bad, but the only thing this film is remembered for is its zany disguise gimmick, whereby Kirk (playing a Master of Disguise) physically stops the end credits (something we always like to see) before revealing several famous ‘cameos’ that appeared in the course of the film (we won’t spoil them for you, but legend has it the stars in question weren’t actually present for the film proper at all) and various extra-curricular roles Douglas himself took on (watch for a ‘Mr. Pythian’) – all revealed in time-honoured Kenny Everett tradition by ripping off latex noses and chins and delivering a cheeky “it was me all the time!” wink to the camera. Not exactly The Dead, then.

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