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Baker Street Boys, The

ARNIE WIGGINS and a bunch of his urchin mates, soot of cheek and fleet of foot, are taken into the employ of the World’s Greatest Detective to run around the streets getting under the feet of posh nabobs (“Blast these tearaway tykes!”), their equally posh but more sympathetic wives (“Have a heart, Geraint, they haven’t got any shoes on!”), and London’s assorted jay-walkers, fish-hawkers, barrow-merchants and soil-carts. Kids end up solving actual crimes, much to the annoyance of him upstairs (who is never seen, except in shadow) and dopey police who dislike “these sorts of things not being done by the book”. Fantastic stuff, replete with convincing Victoriana-murk in spades. Jay Simpson was Arnie, Ian Beale one of his pals, Howard from EVER DECREASING CIRCLES was Lestrade, and confusingly Lestrade from Jeremy Brett’s Holmes was Moriarty.

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