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Muppet Show, The

"Jeez, frog, the last time I was surrounded by this many animals was at the Republican Convention"M"Mr Cleese, five minutes! Five minutes Mr Cleese!"ULTI-AWARD WINNING gloves-with-eyes and old jokes fest memorable for cast-of-thousands title sequence, Pigs In Space, John Cleese and tedious waltzing pigs telling each other even more old jokes section. Re-heated version The Muppets Tonight was much anticipated, then when it finally came out, no-one noticed. Lew Grade to discontented ATV staff: “You promised me you would never strike on MUPPETS!”

The best bit of every show: a million Muppets gather round celebrity from out of nowhere and bob their heads from side to side in time with the musicLew Grade's address book comes good once again

"This is Kermit *the* Frog, reporting from...aaaaahhhhh!""You hum it, dog, I'll tinkle it"

"And just *what* makes you think *you* are better than *moi*?"

Gene Kelly hoofs through puddles from the waist up

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  1. Lee James Turnock

    May 26, 2010 at 3:22 pm

    “Statler, you must be the old fool there’s no fool like!”

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