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Jason and the Argonauts

Actual proper genius Ray Harryhausen is the real – only! – reason to watch this in fact, as his input constitutes really the only usable parts of this since, stripped of its Dynamation goodness, there’s hardly anything left of note. Honor Blackman is the only one of the gods who ever gets a mention in reviews and that’s got sod all to do with being any good and everything to do with being the only recognisable one and the rest of them being bloody awful, Hermes at the outset looking like a giant camp exercise in half-arsed exposition. With wings. The whole chess game schtick is massively tiresome and the venture taken as a whole doesn’t even a proper ending, it just sort of, well, stops. Just as well then that those hand thrown skeletons were on hand alongside the other less famous alumni like Telos, the giant brass Doctor Who fan with a helmet on who picks up and shakes the Argo around for pronouncing Logopolis incorrectly, and the Harpies who exist to torment actual children’s television character Dr WHO? himself.

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