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Time After Time

Of all the Jack the Ripper films that have been turned out over the years we must say this is one of our favourites as H G Wells manages to crank up his actual proper Time Machine to shoot forward in time to follow yer actual Jack aho has already used it to leap into the 80s. Quite how this works we’re not entirely sure – we think it is because the person inside the machine leaps forward in time but remains in the same space but instead of the machine coming with them Rod Taylor style it stays behind and the person inside leaps forward to wherever the machine happens to be at any point in the future in which it still exists. Hmmmmm. So it can’t travel back in time then? It may be clear by now that we haven’t seen this for a while but what we do remember is that HG as portrayed by Malcolm McDowell isn’t quite cantankerous enough for someone who had ‘I told you so, you damned fools’ put on their gravestone and is a bit too shy for someone who got up to all sorts of kinky free love doin’s in Reigate. He’s quite sweet though and falls for quivery voiced Mary Steenburgen who quivers her way through several scenarios whether her voice needs to quiver or not. Fun but daft is the best way to describe this.

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