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When TV Cream was compiling its election podcasts earlier this year, there were a few items that didn’t make the final edits, mostly to keep the running time down to a level that didn’t try the patience of its producers, let alone its listeners.

One such segment concerned Margaret Thatcher’s victory in 1987. Given it’s the old bugalugs’ 85th birthday this week, we thought we’d dust it off and give it a public airing – a bit like the treatment she’s getting at the hands of David Cameron.

So sit back and enjoy four minutes of Dimbleby, Day and Snow plus cameos from Ted Heath, some loony lefties, some Tory toffs and (now for the good news) 50 seconds of Martyn Lewis. Harsh actions dispensed behind a mask of affability – a bit like the treatment we’re all getting at the hands of David Cameron.

You can download the deleted sequence from TV Cream, or listen to it right here:


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