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Now That’s What I Call The Top of the Top of the Pops

More like Cor!-lin BakerClapped out session musicians aping the efforts of – variously – a US punk outfit’s run-through of the Banana Splits theme, Shaky’s emerald-edged opus to a permanently positioned portal (‘Green Door’), Gary Numan’s post-apocalyptic love-letter to his hatchback (‘Cars’), a Clive Dunn novelty single (‘Granddad’), the most tear-jerking song of all time (‘Bright Eyes’) or even other [Dutch] clapped out session musicians (‘Stars on 45’)… ah yes, the wonderful TOP OF THE POPS albums.

We’re big fans, and so we’ve put together our own ┬áSpotify playlist, unearthing the very best work of the Top of the Poppers from 1968 to 1985. It’s now a link somewhere near the bottom of the right-hand bar, or, you can click here.

It’s an open list, so do add your favourites – and let us know in the comments below what they are.

Oh, and thanks to Who Fix for unearthing that lovely Colin Baker-en-route-to-a-one-night-stand-with-an-ex-girlfriend picture, which we’ve used as a bit of eye candy for the cover of our compilation. Phwoar, eh, ladies?! More like the Sex-th Doctor!



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