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Horse in the House

HAVEN’T HAD one of these for a while, oh no. Kids drama involving a posh girl in a large mansion where shenanigans are going down. Melanie Webb decides to sequest horse (called Orbit) in country pile. Mummy and Daddy had already bought sprogs new Porsche 911s, but catch was they had to sell the race horse to an Arab oil billionaire. Kids weren’t so uber-posh they wanted to have their cake and eat it, so they dressed up a servant as said race horse and hid the real horse in the main larder in the third east wing of the mansion. Scene that stands out involved the four-legged filly freaking out and shitting all over the place as it didn’t like walking on floorboards. Which is odd, because last time we were in a stable, it had a wooden floor. Perhaps the horse was used to Axminster carpet. Anyway, here’s the official line on the matter: “Melanie is part of an unusual family. Her sister Katie hopes to become the first women astronaut, while third sister Diana, at 13, is already writing novels. Melanie devotes her life to Orbit. But there are others interested in him – like the mysterious stranger who watches the stallion day and night.” Return match came in ’79 consisting of three two-part adventures: 1) “Gypsies move into the district where Melanie lives. One of them, young Johnson, steals a ride on Orbit. But when strangles, a contagious horse disease, is reported locally, the gypsies are the suspected carriers – and Johnson has allowed Orbit to be put at risk.” 2) “Something is seriously amiss at the racing stables of trainer Bill Otterby, where Melanie is now working. The stable’s two jockeys, Frank Tyson and John Masson, are vicious rivals. And Melanie and Orbit become unwitting pawns in their feud.” 3) “Now that Mrs. Davis knows why Alan Green is prepared to offer so high a price for her farm, she refuses to sell. But, despite Melanie’s warning she has underestimated Mr. Green’s determination and Guthrie’s ruthless involvement.”

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