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Edward the Seventh

NOT THE same Eddie as him above; rather his dad, and Queen Victoria’s replacement. TIMOTHY WEST roared and roistered through the conveniently titled Edwardian era with as much conviction that video tape could allow. Victor Meldrew’s missus was his mum, Tom Good’s missus his daughter, Siegfried Farnon his son, plus, in no particular order, Professor Quatermass (the good one) his Prime Minister, JOHN GIELGUD another Prime Minister, MICHAEL HORDERN a third, Catwezle a fourth (Eddie was around a hell of a long time) and Slartibartfarst a fifth. FRANCESCA ANNIS turned up as Lillie Langtry, later spinning-off in the titular LWT periodathon. The present Mrs Windsor gave permission to let the production use Sandringham, no doubt after a phone call from the Lord thy Grade.

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  1. Richard C

    July 12, 2016 at 11:40 pm

    Edward VII was Edward VIII’s grandfather, not his father.

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