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Big Match, The

BRIAN MOORE-HELMED ITV rival to MATCH OF THE DAY, originally only shown in London leading to insane capital bias: “Coming up, Liverpool v Manchester United, but first to Selhurst Park…” Heralded by that joyous march, accompanied by a frenzied fresco of evocative football images: Terry Hennessey winking at Moore, Dennis Tueart frozen in bicycle kick mid-air etc. JIMMY HILL was also originally involved, memorably covering for an injured linesman at Highbury in a fetching turquoise tracksuit, and bizarrely accompanying Raquel Welch to Stamford Bridge: “These guys are just such great athletes!”. Other ITV regions had their own versions, featuring a dizzying array of eccentric commentators such as Hugh Johns (ATV), Gerald Sinstadt (Granada), John Helm (Yorkshire) and Gerry Harrison (Anglia).



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