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A snapshot of The Internet's TJ Worthington

TV Cream’s very good friend Tim Worthington has a new book out, collecting together the best of his writing for various websites and fanzines. All stuff he produced for no money.

Well At Least It's Free...The book, entitled Well At Least It’s Free… is available to buy here, and despite that title it actually retails at £8.99. But it could be free to you, because Tim has agreed to send a copy to whomever wins our special competition. Details in a minute, but first, we should tell you we did ask Tim if he’d be willing to not just autograph the winner’s copy, but also include a dedication within where he’d share a piece of salacious gossip about someone who crossed him on the internet. Alas, he declined on that front, stating he’d prefer to let sleeping dogs lie, particularly as: “I’ve got most of my web nemeses off my back at last”. Which is a shame. He will, however, still sign your book, and he’ll include a print-out of an article that didn’t make the cut.

How do you win? Tim?

“What was the name of the dragon in The Herbs?” asks Tim.

If you know the answer mail us at the usual address. Dunno what closing date we’ll go for yet, but when we decide upon one, a winner will be picked out of the hat, and we’ll ask you to supply your postal details. Good luck!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. TV Cream

    May 22, 2011 at 10:57 pm

    You can stop entering now. Adam Maunder is the winner, and by now should have heard from Tim himself to arrange delivery of the prize.

    Oh, and the answer is: TARRAGON.

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