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This is very need-to-know, and we don’t want those sticky-beaks in Whitehall shoving their oars in, but below is attached a PDF file from yet another Aborted TV Cream Pet Project. It’s from a book which had the working title TV Cream’s Telly Years: The 1970s, and our best intel suggests it was going to be a chronological trawl through that decade, laden with screengrabs, presspacks, data and things.

It got so far as chapter one – 1970 (in case we’ve got to spell it out to you, oh do keep up!) – and a special pull-out dossier on cynical sci-fi series DOOMWATCH. Said dossier has now been¬†surreptitiously leaked. Don’t ask us how we got our hands on it, but it involved getting stoned down the one of Pall Mall’s more lively boozers with a smashing bird. Click on the image below to access (1.97MB)…

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