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This is very need-to-know, and we don’t want those sticky-beaks in Whitehall shoving their oars in, but below is attached a PDF file from yet another Aborted TV Cream Pet Project. It’s from a book which had the working title TV Cream’s Telly Years: The 1970s, and our best intel suggests it was going to be a chronological trawl through that decade, laden with screengrabs, presspacks, data and things.

It got so far as chapter one – 1970 (in case we’ve got to spell it out to you, oh do keep up!) – and a special pull-out dossier on cynical sci-fi series DOOMWATCH. Said dossier has now been surreptitiously leaked. Don’t ask us how we got our hands on it, but it involved getting stoned down the one of Pall Mall’s more lively boozers with a smashing bird. Click on the image below to access (1.97MB)…

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