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Softly, Softly

STARCHED SPIN-OFF of Z CARS with STRATFORD JOHNS and FRANK WINDSOR initially trying to keep order in the fictional west country crime capital of Wyvern, grappling with irresponsible bulldog clips, winkle-picker-wearing shafers and eternally suspicious big-jowled locals. Soon became SOFTLY SOFTLY: TASK FORCE with our heroes now in the employ of Thamesford Constabulary CID. Then Johns pissed off to do his own solo copathon, BARLOW AT LARGE, which then became simply BARLOW (keep up), before getting back together with Windsor for, of all things, a Jack the Ripper caper, all of which culminated in SECOND VERDICT, a whole series of old-mysteries-solved-in-the-present-day. Somehow this whole palaver was eked out over 10 years. Along the way came Harry the Hawk and his extraordinary propensity for opening and walking through doors (thanks Clive). GARFIELD MORGAN, WALTER GOTELL, SUSAN TEBBS, WARREN CLARKE and TERENCE RIGBY also looked in from time to time.

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