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  • Smith and Jones – The Home-Made Xmas Video, Thursday, 23.00, BBC4

    Wow! Here’s something, first shown in 1987 and, as far as we can see, never repeated. It did turn up on that Smith and Jones DVD that was available for five seconds but for most people it’s lived on via ancient multi-generation VHS copies of its only ever broadcast. So it’ll be a treat to see this again, the spin-off of the sketches in Alas that were pretty much years ahead of their time in parodying the rise of the camcorder. Mel and Griff were always great comic performers and we don’t see enough of their stuff these days so for whatever reason it’s turned up again, we’re so glad it has. And everyone watch it so they can repeat more of their stuff.

"Brian's Binatone is great for his cassettes!"

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