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  • Top of the Pops, Friday, 20.30, BBC4

    Back, back, back! 1984 resumes with surely the ultimate edition of Pops. This is the Christmas Day show where Michael Hurll had got fed up with the DJs all jostling for position and so decided to jettison all of them and get the acts themselves to introduce the show, some of whom are more adept to the task than others. But never mind how stilted the introductions are, because with record sales at their biggest, the line-up includes some of the most famous pop stars of all time (apart from George Michael because he was ill) performing some of the most famous records of all time, which means there’s not much room for much in the way of subtlety or obscurities but you can’t argue with the sheer star power. And it all ends with surely the most famous performance in this programme’s history, showcasing Pops at the height of its power. Little were we to know there was only one more show – which we’ll see before the end of the year – before it all goes a bit rubbish. Never mind.

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