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  • Blue Peter Big 60th Birthday, Tuesday, 17.00, CBBC

    And here’s how the show itself is marking the occasion, with an hour-long special on CBBC today and then on BBC2 next week. Obviously it’s 100% aimed at the kids, for whom even the likes of Helen Skelton are ancient history, but this show has always been exceptional at continuing its great traditions so it should be great fun for parents too, with a host of past presenters popping in and various bits of business with time capsules and the like. And while it certainly doesn’t have the swagger it did in the seventies and eighties when the entire nation watched it, it’s still doing a great job of entertaining today’s kids who are wildly enthusiastic about it, so it’s going to be a genuinely happy birthday. Then watch out for a stack of repeats on BBC4 later including an episode of Blue Peter Flies The World that hasn’t been on for decades.

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