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  • Top of the Pops, Thursday, 19.30, 00.05, BBC4

    So, did you spot the “few problems” that Bates made reference to last week? If you looked closely you may note that they only used two stages for the entire show, what with the concurrent BBC scene-shifters’ strike, though to be honest it was more or less invisible to the naked eye and we’re not sure Bates did the production team many favours by blabbing about it. Two years ago Tommy Vance did a whole show from Pres B and didn’t even mention it! Here we are with the last regular show of 1983, which we appear to have flown through – although there have been virtually no breaks and we’ve had two a week more or less every week. It’s become a bit of a tradition now that the last show before Christmas is a frantic live edition with Kid Jensen, and that continues, now with his mate John in tow of course, and there’s another double act appearing tonight, apparently unimpressed by the Rhythm Pals’ introduction. And you’ll never guess what we get tomorrow!

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