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  • Sir Cliff Richard – 60 Years in Public and in Private, Monday, 21.00, ITV

    Sadly Cliff’s symbolic return to the Beeb went up the swanny the other day as he had to pull out of his planned concert on Radio 2 because of illness, though he went on The One Show and, as he’s always said, it’s not the entire Beeb he’s had issues with, just the news side. That still doesn’t mean the papers trying to make something of the fact this programme, where he discusses the court case among much else, is not on the Beeb. It’s a bit of a shame that Cliff still seems a bit obsessed with trying to prove he’s still relevant by releasing quite dull albums of bland songs aping whatever’s popular when he could happily just live off his back catalogue, as while he’s inevitably released a load of shit over the years, there’s certainly a good album’s worth of top tracks in there, mostly from the early eighties. Such a shame we’ve left it too late to try and get Little Town to Christmas number one again.

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