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  • Top of the Pops, Friday, 19.30, 00.00, BBC4

    It’s been a while – a whole three weeks – but you’ll be relieved to know Gary Davies is back tonight. Actually we’re listening to Gaz on Sounds of the 80s most weeks and we were quite interested to hear the other week his memories of that seminal broadcast, the Brits 89, and specifically his appearance attempting to present Best New Act alongside Bill Wyman and Ronnie Wood, one of the most memorable moments of proceedings (“Are we not going to look at the possibilities first?”). Interestingly Gaz says that the plan was for Bill to come on in a wheelchair, hence Mick Fleetwood’s reference to it, but Bill decided at the last minute not to do that – though unfortunately Mick had several scripted jokes planned about it, hence the rather pregnant pauses and making it one of the few cock-ups that night that wasn’t Mick’s fault. Everything else was, though. Happily Gaz is totally in charge here, with one of the few people who seemed to appear more than him in the eighties, Shaky.

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