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  • Gregory Porter’s Popular Voices, Friday, 22.00, BBC4

    Chris Wood takes time out from playing for Burnley to say, “’Gregory Porter and his stupid hat’… arf, and THANK YOU. I was beginning to think I was alone here, no-one else ever seems to mention it, like when someone has a huge mole. Perhaps ‘Gregory Porter’s hat’ could become the modern equivalent of the elephant in the room?” Anyway, here’s Greg and his titfer to this week discuss the art of the crooner, which you would assume would concentrate on the earliest days of popular music, but as is this series’ wont it’s taking it in the broadest possible sense and so features stylised vocals of all kinds, such as Elvis and Bowie. All of which will then be illustrated in the following programme, where Sammy Davis nestles alongside Ian McCulloch.

"Brian's Binatone is great for his cassettes!"

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