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  • Comedy Legends, Wednesday, 22.00, Sky Arts

    Midweeks are sagging a bit now Radio 2 have moved their documentaries to the weekend, and with our inability to recognise anyone on the Brit Awards it means we’re serving up quite a lot of repeats, but we can only bill what’s put in front of us. Speaking of repeats, George Burns, for it is him, for many years became something of the comedic equivalent of Status Quo in that his longevity was a major selling point in itself, his entire act being based around the fact he was still doing stand-up well into his nineties. That’s rather overshadowed his early career when his show with Gracie Allen saw Burns years ahead of his time with his mastery of television as a medium and his constant breaking of the fourth wall. But Barry Cryer hasn’t forgotten it, as we’ll see. Again.

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