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  • Plunder, Saturday, 23.05, BBC4

    Time for BBC4 to celebrate Spike Milligan’s centenary with a mini-theme night and while there’s nothing new, we do get something a bit interesting, with a rare opportunity to see a show from 1990 which was one of a series of programmes around that time raiding the BBC archives – cf It’s My Pleasure and Star Memories – taking advantage of the first big boom of telly nostalgia. We do hear that they would often have to “suggest” to the guests which programmes they might like to pick after they inevitably chose a load of stuff that had been wiped. We’re sure Spike picked some interesting things, all presumably newer then than this programme is now. And then after that’s it the Q clip shows they’ve shown umpteen times before but which also serve as a tribute to Spike’s co-writer Neil Shand, who also had a hand in virtually every comedy show from the sixties to the eighties, who sadly died the other day.

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