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  • Top of the Pops, Thursday, 19.30, 01.00, BBC4

    Well, we never thought we’d say this, but we’re now actually looking forward to Simon Bates presenting this show, because he’s so bad at it his balls-ups make for compelling viewing, not least on his last outing when he cluelessly interrogated Sting and Jimmy Case, concluded the former interview by just shouting “CHARTS!” and then announced the Fun Boy Three were at number seven with all the authority he usually used for informing us the film we’re about to see may contain some sexual swearwords. The man’s performances are just amazing. Sadly, and we really do mean that, he’s presenting neither programme this week, as tonight we’re in the disappointingly safe hands of Richard Skinner and the man who can make any old crap sound exciting, Thomas the Vance.

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