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SPACE NONSENSE about an intergalactic dustman. RICHARD BENJAMIN wore the flourescent jacket of infamy in this lazy STAR TREK parody, which, given Trek was 10 years old and just gone out of re-runs, meant the show lasted all of six weeks and died unlamented. Then a year or so later, something called “Star Wars” attracted a bit of attention and suddenly Quark returned with a new one-off “pilot” which contained tons of Star Wars gags…and then the network showed the same six episodes and it died again. Characters besides Dick Benjamin included a pair of Hill’s-Angels-type twins (one was supposed to be a clone but neither would admit it), a “transmute” who constantly switched from male to female (in voice only; lots of laughs from burly guy doing limp-wristed routines), and Ficus, a “Vegeton” plant-based Spock-alike. They got their marching orders from a disembodied head (called, startlingly, “The Head”), who bore an alarming resemblance to Holly in Red Dwarf.

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