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Organisation, The

ARCH SATIRE on power games in the PR department of a large corporation and one most-literate series ever to grace the screen. The late PHILIP MACKIE wielded the pen, charting “the machiavellian machinations of middle-management”. Richard Pershore (PETER EGAN) is unemployed and wants to get a job in the public relations department of the conglomerate The Greatrick Organization. With this in mind he enlists the help of Chantry and Blount behavioural and motivational psychologists who coach him in getting the job. He gets it. He meets the director of the department David Pullman (DONALD SINDEN) and the new deputy director Peter Frame (ANTON RODGERS) who has just replaced the sad and useless Ken Grist (NORMAN BIRD). Also in the department are press officer Rodney Spurling (BERNARD HEPTON), Eve Manship (who edits the company magazine) and the rather lovely Veronica (ELAINE TAYLOR) who starts as Pullman’s secretary but goes on to higher things later. Much chicanery among the bulldog clips. Classic take-that ending.

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