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New Schmoo, The

GROTESQUE GALUMPHING cartoonery about a sub-SCOOBY DOO gang of kids (with a fat, Hawaiian-shirted git – see PLASTIC MAN – in the comedy Shaggy role) and a white shapeshifting blob who could turn itself into various useful shapes, e.g. key, rope, ink blotter. The “new” appellation was apparently to distinguish said amorphous critter from Al Capp’s ‘Lil’ Abner’, long-running American newspaper comic which mocked Arkansas and its ways via a cast of characters including the Schmoo: an animal so cute, so obliging (it would turn itself into a steak if you confessed to being hungry) and downright good that it was rendered extinct by humanity. Not that anyone on this side of the Atlantic was any the wiser, but at least Will and Joe were being particular. Particularly irksome, that is.

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