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Lost Islands, The

ANOTHER ENDLESS epic for the summer holidays. Bunch of shouty kids get castaway on the eponymous outcrop, the means to this end being painstakingly laid out in the title theme every week: “There once was a wealthy man who had a wonderful idea/To bring children from all places with all kinds of faces/Together into a sailing ship there were 40 boys and girls/They sailed their ship around the globe and they called it ‘The United World’/The ship was just three weeks from shore when the hurricane bore down/The waves were big as mountains, they thought they would surely drown/They jumped into a lifeboat and got blown away from the wreck/They didn’t count them they hadn’t time – five children were left behind […] David, Mark & Tony, Anna & Su-Yin/Are left there on the island, who knows what could begin/Adventure lies before them, danger lies behind/But as they go on searching what new troubles will they find?” Inevitably the island was filled with strangers watching other strangers in the undergrowth while being run by a mysterious spiritual quack who was knowingly keeping the (mainly Australian) peasants in an artificially mediaeval world. And there was some glowing seaweed.

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