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Let’s Read With Lenny the Lion

Granted, this was taken 10 years before, but isn't it lovely?VERY MUCH old school cod liver oil-esque educationalism, easily surpassed in entertainment value by the above, with doddery old ventriloquist TERRY HALL and eponymous mangy cat, both of who had already been around for bloody decades, trying to teach ver kids to shape up their vowels. Lion famously couldn’t pronounce his ‘r’s (conveniently enough for Terry), so fat lot of fucking good that was in the classroom.

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  1. Frank Shannon

    August 27, 2012 at 1:28 pm

    I saw a brilliant film, in the 70s, on tv and it was called “Z”. I have never seen it repeated.
    I`ve often wondered why in this age of so many repeats. Do you know an address for someone I could ask?
    Frank Shannon

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