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“PAPER! NEWS, NEWS! Paper! News, News!” screamed the blustering, bombastically-obvious signature tune, so as to avoid anyone tuning in expecting a meditation on sizzling metallurgy. And 28 minutes of blustering, bombastically-obvious journo-satire ensued, but of defiantly broadsheet-bristing quality thanks to a) Andrew Marshall and David Renwick (WHOOPS APOCALYPSE, END OF PART ONE) on script duties b) the likes of ROBERT HARDY, GEOFFREY PALMER, RICHARD WILSON and JOHN GORDON-SINCLAIR peddling their wares and c) infamous “moving breast” glasses gimmick of playground legend. The Daily Crucible was where it all went down, ditto circulation, governments trousers, generous helpings of whisky and super soaraway punchlinery.

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