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Hope and Keen’s Crazy House/Bus

DRIVELLY SCOTTISH funsters MIKE HOPE and ALBIE KEEN preside over wacky slapstickian behaviour in eponymous House in which was situated the ‘Coal-Hole Club’, various poppermost musicians, PETER “WHO DO YOU DO?” GOODWRIGHT as the (as always) senile butler and RUTH KETTLEWELL as barmy cook. Pair then decide to hit the road Kerouac-style, enlisting titular Bus to tour Britain in order to locate (as always) lost treasure. Quest heralded as follows: “In Uncle Ebenezer’s chest/we found a funny map/We blew the dust off/and saw a treasure trail/We’re feeling brave/so we followed all the clues he gave/and we’ll be on our way/(Chorus) Crazy bus/you’re taking us away/Crazy bus/I wonder where we’re going today.”



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