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Fortunes of War

Harry Potter and whatshername prepare to spout mystical quackery in very high voicesTWO COCKTAIL-SIPPING Auden-spouting flappers move to Hungary, find the Second World War has broken out, and proceed to spend the next four years defeating Hitler by staging amateur productions of Shakespeare, having Alan Bennett for tea, hoofing in hotel saloons and sitting on top of pyramids. KENNETH BRANAGH, sporting his favourite Woody Allen glasses, and EMMA THOMPSON, her hair like two damp dishcloths, were the twittering twosome forever bumping into the likes of RONALD PICKUP, ROBERT GRAVES, ROBERT STEPHENS and CAROLINE LANGRISHE while out taking their similes for a walk.

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  1. Matthew Harris

    December 31, 2015 at 5:11 pm

    Only women were flappers, dipstick.

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