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Doctor in the House

Robin grapples with another bone of contention "Which one of you dunderheads used my stethoscope to eavesdrop on the ladies loo - again?!"

SLAPSTICK STETHOSCOPE SAGA which became a franchise that more or less kept LWT in business through the 70s and the likes of writers GRAEME GARDEN, BILL ODDIE, GRAHAM CHAPMAN, JOHN CLEESE and BARRY CRYER in pocket. Total number of episodes rivals latterday waiting lists in size. Seemingly thousands of hours of airtime eeked out of the most mundane of medical malpractice, with piss-artist practioners including BARRY EVANS, ROBIN NEDWELL, GEOFFREY DAVIS, GEORGE LAYTON, MARTIN SHAW and JONATHAN LYNN. Blessed with one of the most seventies sitcommy themes it’s possible to have, too, full of boings, wheees and yom-po-pom poms. Amongst the innumerable spin-offs: …AT LARGE (1971 – 30 fucking episodes!); …IN CHARGE (1972-3 – 44 fucking episodes!); …AT SEA (1974); …ON THE GO (1975-77); …DOWN UNDER (1979-80); …AT THE TOP (1991, by which point it most definitely wasn’t).

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Bickerstaff

    April 6, 2013 at 9:25 pm

    I think 1991’s Doctor at the Top is a excellent product and I’m recommended to fans of the ‘Doctor’ series because it’s put together and effectively rounded off the long running series inspired by it!

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