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EARLY HANDIWORK of RUSSELL “CREATED DR WHO” T DAVIES when he was still schlepping away in BBC Manchester. Broadcast at 8 o’clock on Saturday mornings when only the most avid telly kids were up. Six different sections in all, the first being The Kitchen Crew with the puppets, who would link the others, which were, firstly, Cheapo TV: unfunny TV parodies filmed in a park in Salford (although one of GENTLE BEN was quite good), then Single Tales: basically JACKANORY. You may remember Billy Butler telling stories on CHUCKLEVISION about families in Liverpool, and this was more or less the same thing. Zounds: terrible drama school style surrealism (Woman walks past – ‘I AM ANGRY!’ Other woman – ‘I am sad!’ Crap like that). Runners: some sci-fi thing. You read comics while this was on. NiceChap: another drama thing. This was clearly so expensive to make for such a bad slot it didn’t come back. Replaced, as ever, by EGGS’N’BAKER. Cast: four people who have never worked again. Names, let it be known, were Caroline Berry, William Petrie, Lucy Jenkins and Jon Biggins.

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