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Barbar the Elephant

KING OF some African republic or other, Babar is a rather dull elephant in a crown and green suit. Also present are Celeste his wife, a rhino rival bloke, and an annoying monkey freeloader. Sedate adventures, to say the least. PETER USTINOV was multiple voice boy, originally.



  1. Mark Jones

    September 5, 2010 at 6:37 pm

    Watching Babar, aged 8, was a bit like eating Opal Fruits without taking the wrappers off first – you knew there were better ways of conducting your life, but you just couldn’t be bothered to try any of them right at that moment.

    And because the taste wasn’t entirely unenjoyable, you always ended up doing it again at some point.

  2. Paul Hayes

    August 4, 2014 at 10:02 am

    Perhaps it’s a deliberate gag, but you can’t be king of a republic!

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