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Clifton House Mystery, The

BELT-AND-BRACES HORROR business dressed up as child’s fare more to disguise iffy production values more than anything. Eponymous structure is newly occupied by a family (replete with Posh Kids, naturally) who then discover co-habitee is a poltergeist. Sealed rooms, glowing Civil War helmets, ancient skeletons, exorcism, eerie coloured lights and self-activating music boxes ensue. 17th century soldier “comes back to life”, but is quickly put in cupboard. Kids go on local news. The end.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Stuey

    August 21, 2010 at 1:39 pm

    For years I was haunted by a couple of fragmentary memories of this.I asked any cult TV fan I met if they could identify it,by decribing in detail the images burned into my mind.Thus baffling and annoying them in equal measure.I thought it must have been the most creepy,unsettling,brilliantly made kids TV series ever,a forgotten gem if ever there was one. It was TVC who solved the mystery when i happened upon it during a trawl through A-Z a couple of years ago.Since then I’ve watched the whole bloody thing on YouTube and found it absolutely hilarious!The family are as insufferable as any 70s smug middle class TV family, the kids are bad,but surely most in need of a slapping is the father.Christ knows how my working class family sat through it.But there must have been some sort of power to affect a 5 year old imagination at work, so hats off to HTV

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