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kenbruceFOOTBALL TRANSFER-esque signing from BBC Radio Scotland, enticed Londonwards in the mid-seventies with the promise of a headlining slot; didn’t go quite according to plan, due to schedule reshuffling and Woganic tussling over the Eurovision ‘gig’, but still won over legions of daytime listeners (not to mention stoking the boiler for those Radio 2 Summer ‘Railshows’, bringing consumer advice and Jim Reeves records to the elderly and infirm) and after years on the ‘bench’ got his big break when Wogan temporarily ditched Radio 2 in favour of evening TV chat shenanigans. Celtic twang proved an unpopular substitute for Irish blarney, so mid-mornings beckoned, where he remains to this day, with annoyingly ‘popular’ Gambaccini-tastic quiz Popmaster in tow.



  1. Glenn A

    September 17, 2010 at 6:57 pm

    Amazing how the Bruce made the transition from playing showtunes and other Frances Line approved fare to the modern day Radio 2 with its trendier image and playlist that 20 years ago would have resulted in a P45 for him. A bit like Annie Nightingale on Radio 1, he has seen so many changes of presenters and musical policies without complaining, so is considered part of the furniture now.

  2. Glenn A

    June 12, 2017 at 12:39 pm

    Now Radio 2’s longest serving presenter, whose career dates back to the early eighties, and who is one of its most popular and most liked. He’s the perfect antidote to Chris Evans, a comforting presenter who doesn’t take himself seriously.

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