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Harrison Ford gets milking in this often-scheduled Amish thriller, which allows us once again to ponder exactly how Kelly McGillis, here still in the ascendant, managed to lose it so spectacularly by the end of the decade. Likewise that other ’80s Kelly, LeBrock, who was all over the media (not to mention Wogan) after The Woman in Red but has spent her post-Weird Science career in such non-fare as Hard Bounty delivering lines like “There’s only two things I can’t do – one is make love to a woman, the other is piss up a wall.” Edifying. Then there’s Emily ‘Trigger’s daughter’ Lloyd, Tatum O’Neal, all the Coreys, and any number of Brat Packers, although we won’t hear a word said against Ally Sheedy. Barry Newman (Vanishing Point, Petrocelli, er… King Crab) and, naturally, Mickey ‘from Diner to Get Carter 2000’ Rourke, pretty much fit the exponential career dive graph, as did Rita ‘Knack’ Tushingham the day she set foot on the set of Bread. Sally Field faltered at the post-Smokey and the Bandit fence, as did pretty much everyone namechecked in the Fall Guy theme song, apart from Cheryl Tiegs who was never a star in the first place. Saddest of all, two Cream legends, Patrick ‘Babe, Secret of the Lost Legend’ McGoohan and Malcolm ‘Biker Mice from Mars’ McDowell, had their post-’70s screen careers seriously clipped, while William Shatner continues to pack ’em in. Something’s wrong there.

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  1. Richard16378

    April 16, 2012 at 10:27 pm

    As you’ve noticed this seemed the default film to fill a scedule gap in the late 1990s, along with Blue Thunder, Starman & FX II.

  2. Richard16378

    December 23, 2013 at 12:26 am

    Kathleen Turner seem to be in at least 2 films every year in the 1980s, only to vanish about the time Julia Roberts made the jump from telemovies to the big screen….

    About the only work of note Kathleen has done since the Berlin wall came down was a guest spot in The Simpsons.

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