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Sailor Beware!

… of Peggy Mount, that is, in fine shouty matriarch fettle as Emma Hornett, one in the long line of, well, shouty matriarchs she cornered the market in, from Ada Larkin through Gabrielle Dragon and Mrs Bumble to, er, Aunt Fanny in Ghost-of-Frankie-Howerd-starring children’s sitcom All Change. This may be decried as one of those ’50s films adapted from a creaky old stage farce in much the same manner as Carry On Admiral and all that bunkum, but come on – Peggy Mount! Plus there’s Cyril ‘Hugh and I’ Smith as Peg’s hen-pecked feret-keeping spouse! Shirley ‘Goldfinger’ Eaton as the daughter! Esma Cannon as the sister-in-law! Gordon Jackson as a rollicking Scottish sailor! George A Cooper as the petty officer! Michael Caine and Henry McGee as yet further sailors! Thora Hird as a nosy neighbour! Geoffrey Keen as a vicar! Alfie Bass as his organist! And Fred Griffiths as – yes! – a cabbie! What’s not to sit contentedly in front of?

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