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Best House in London, The

Would you get Philip Saville in to direct a Denis Norden script about whoring? Philip ‘Both versions of Sir Gawain and the Fucking Green Knight’ Breen did, but sadly the result is just boring rather than bizarre, and retrospectively made rather depressing through the central theme of Joanna ‘Casino Royale’ Pettet’s anti-prostitution campaigner being painted as just a nasty old prude out to spoil mutton-chopped gentlemen’s good fun. Hmm. David Hemmings takes one of the many dual roles in cinema history that just involve an actor turning up in two different wigs, but it’s almost saved by a few choice Nordenian quipettes, and the obligatory Spotlight-directory-and-a-pair-of-scissors cast list – George Sanders, Warren Mitchell, John Bird, Willie Rushton, Bill Fraser, Maurice Denham, Tessie O’Shea, Avril Angers, Betty Marsden, Eric Barker, John Cleese, Peter Jeffrey, Charles Lloyd Pack, William Mervyn, Marianne Stone, Thorley Walters and Queenie Watts.

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