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Alfred the Great

“Yes, I’m mainly known for my roles in films such as Blow Up, but I am also a quite accomplished television director, with the likes of Magnum PI, The A-Team, Quantum… oh my God! The cakes!” David Hemmings is the unlikely Wantage baking failure, up against invading Viking Michael York. Michael York? Also donning gowns and woad – Ian “My action figure’s got bloody long johns on underneath!” McKellen, Peter “‘ere I am, JH” Vaughan, Julian ‘Scaroth, last of the Jagaroth’ Glover (playing a character called Shrdlu, according to the IMDb, which we always thought was a way of signalling a typo in old mechanical printing presses – hence “Gobfrey Shrdlu” in Denys Parsons’ old collections of amusing newspaper misprints – thus raising a few questions about the modernity of the IMDb’s equipment), Christopher “smell the glove” Timothy, Barry ‘Mind Your Language’ Evans and Henry ‘Arthur Sultan’ Woolf.

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