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The 10 most desperate Doctor Who stories published on since July

Every half-an-hour, the klaxon sounds in the offices, signalling a new Doctor Who story is required. What to do when another ‘listicle’ just isn’t enough? Bring out the spurious! Here, then, is our salute to The 10 most desperate Doctor Who stories published on since July. Yes, since July

(NB – We’re like to think Nicholas Brett typed all of these…)



1) Bless, you, Doctor Who fan, for your embeddable free content!



2) Ah, fans, keep this shit coming…



3) Don’t think we’ve mentioned Capaldi’s background since the spring, have we? So, yeah, feels revelatory again.



4) So slight a story, we can’t even think of a way to meaningfully differentiate the header from the subheader. Still, ‘Steven Moffat’ is in there – no-brainer!



5) This is great! Let’s now hope someone from – umm – Making A Murderer will say something similar.



6) A cast member tweeting about their show in broad but enthusiastic terms? Make room for that PPA award!



7) Well, no, but Brexit is HOT!



8) The keenest phrase for any headline writer: “Slightly”



9) Great. Any leads on the quality of Shaun Dingwall’s Sunday lunches?



10) Just tag it ‘Doctor Who’. It’s fine.


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