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TV Cream’s Puzzle Trail: Clue 6

As you’ve hopefully gathered by now, TV Cream is in the middle of running its biggest competition yet: a puzzle trail set in Television Centre to find a mysterious valuable object.

Each day a new clue will be posted on the site that reveals the grid reference of a square on our map in which the treasure is not hidden. As the days go by you’ll be able to cross off squares until there are just two left – at which point the final clue will be revealed, and you’ll be in with a chance of winning a slew of prizes, including a complete set of TV Cream tie-in books.

Today’s clue is pretty straightforward:


Ben the Boffin popped into TV Cream Towers earlier today (he’s developing a computer game for us based on Larry Grayson’s Generation Game).

While he was here he let slip the treasure is not to be found in the square that shares its grid reference with first half of the postcode belonging to the London borough of the Big Breakfast house.

And that’s it.

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