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TV Cream’s Puzzle Trail: Clue 28

The next square to cross off your Puzzle Trail map comes courtesy of Brother Robin Day.


“Good evening.

When I was asked to deliver this clue, I thought I better see to it that I furnish you with something a little more considered and, some may say, refined, than those to which you have been subject of late.

Indeed, when I look back at the clues thusfar advanced, I see too many examples of lazy misdirection, amateurish contrivance and, quite frankly, stupidity.

Hence I thought I should see to attempting something a shade more subtle.

Indeed, if one may emphasise this theme, you see too many examples of hackneyed constructions and rough surmises in this competition.

Too many hints as transient as sand waiting to be washed away by the sea. Too many for me, I see, to hope of a contest based upon real knowledge rather than mere word games and sentence chicanery.

Rest assured, then, that I will see to providing a clue of a rather more crafty character.

What is the clue, I hear you say?

Why, I’ve already seen to it!”

(Note: You should now have just four squares left on your map. You should also have five columns completely crossed off.)

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