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TV Cream’s Puzzle Trail: Clue 19

The square you need to cross off your Puzzle Trail map today has been inspired by the news that All Creatures Great and Small is coming back, albeit in the form of a prequel to the original, and in a location as far removed from the Yorkshire Dales as it is symbolically possible to be: the slums of Glasgow.

To counter this madness, let’s pause for a moment to recall the original incarnation of “Creatures”, as its new production team have undoubtedly dubbed it.

A dog on a cushion, a cow in a cattle grid, a car driving through puddles, everyone listening to Churchill on the wireless… Yes, none of these were as ubiquitous as memory suggests, your actual episodes being basically full of yokel talk and gynaecology. But oh, that countryside was ever so nice to look at.


To get the grid reference you need to cross off the map, take the first letter of the surname of Christopher Timothy’s character, and couple that with the number of different actresses who played his wife.

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