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Hello, I’m Daley Thompson

Thompson's directory…and I’ve just read about some exciting news.

It says here on my computer that TV Cream is planning on doing another podcast!

According to this screen in front of me, it will be the third one the boys have put together, and is going to be all about summer.

It is scheduled to be released at the end of August, just in time for the bank holiday, and will be called TV Cream’s Summer Scene.


But wait, for there’s more. It also says here that the boys are keen to hear from you, the TV Cream readers, about your memories of summer. Not any old summer, but those really wicked summers – know what I mean?

The ones when you were young, I think that’s what they’re talking about.

When you could get up late and watch telly during the day and do a bit of pretend DJing in your bedroom and go outside and play on the swings that were meant for kids half your age and sit in the park watching the sun go down then stay up late cataloguing all your comics and tapes.

Course, I did none of that, because I was out every day training. But no matter, cos I reckon you all had *crucial* summers that you can share with the TV Cream gang. So why not drop em a line here on this, er, blog?

Now I’m off to put this heap of mechanical junk through its paces. Microcomputer technology? Get away with you! I bet it can’t master ten disciplines and be a world beater in all of them!

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