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This week’s mailout revolved around a quiz inviting you to identify the names of five programmes scheduled for transmission next week, from five less-than-cryptic riddles.

Lest anyone think it was all a bit of frippery, this is a real competition, with real prizes up for grabs – namely a selection of Creamy reading matter, courtesy of Creamguide reader John Rivers and the good folk at Harper Collins.

Anyway, here are the questions again. Simply identify the programme titles being clumsily disguised behind the following teasers and, if you’re quick, a mini TV Cream book tower could be yours!

1) Look, or rather point, West, for matters ship shape and bootlace fashion.

2) Two grumpy bastards are shouting for thirty minutes.

3) Look to west land again, or rather Westland, for rubber-faced ribaldry.

4) An Austen reliant from an age of a nautical prime.

5) What price a big fat Czech in 10 Downing Street?

(Send in your answers by leaving a blog comment; they won’t be published)

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