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Take a Chance

BIZARRE SPIN-OFF from, of all things, RAINBOW, wherein STANLEY “BUNGLE” BATES is Stanley Wates (bet that took a long time to think up) in charge of an actors’ retirement home, getting driven hammily round the bend by the arrival of Dawson Chance (DAWSON CHANCE), his sixteen ventriloquist dummies (voices of ROY SKELTON), and his best friend, who was a tortoise. A mere 13 episodes ensued. Still, that’s one more than TABITHA.

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  1. Brian Rowland

    December 14, 2009 at 7:01 am

    Chance’s tortoise Willie possessed perhaps the dullest catchphrase ever uttered by anyone/anything in the history of anyone/anything: In response to any statement of fact whatsoever, Dawson/Willie would answer with “Is it?” Or perhaps more accurately: “IS iiiiii-ttt?”, whereupon the audience of children were attacked with feathers, to little effect.

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