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Grasshopper Island

WORTHISOME GOOD-FOR-YOU children’s butterfly-chasing bonanza. Three kids prance around aforementioned archipelago…but wait – there’s a deeper message, because the kids are brothers with trademark “quirks”, to wit: 12-year-old Smarty (who has answers for all sorts of questions) 10-year-old Toughy (who says he wants to be a soldier but turns pale at the mention of blood and bones) and 7-year-old Mouse (who collects hats and likes cheese). Think they are all alone, until “leader” Smarty discovers big house on the other side of a mountain where PATRICIA HAYES and JULIAN ORCHARD live. Couple take kids under wing in face of repeated visits from TIM BROOKE-TAYLOR, CHARLES HAWTREY and FRANK MUIR. Little is proved.

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