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Flying Start

NORTH WEST-ONLY business-oriented “gameshow” made by Granada in the 80s and therefore, as dictated by the Broadcasting Act, presented by TONY WILSON. In truth a front for some rubbish North-West new business award competition type thing. Each week managing director of a local “firm” would appear and try and convince a top panel of old deadheads that they were the top cheeses and deserving of this prize. Show stuck to rigorous format: introduction, short Play School-style film about this week’s contestant and their activities, then the important grilling from head of chamber of commerce, T. Wilson etc. That was it. Every week. Up against EASTENDERS. Final show in each series was a big posh black-tie dinner in an expensive hotel in Lancashire, where they decided the overall winner. Prize was distingushed (read: crap) plastic trophy, and large amount of cash (thereby giving new business a “flying start” – do you see?). Logo was stylised arrow indicating erm, “flying start”. Usually played out over many weeks, and unnoticed after about three editions. DRAGON’S DEN with all those wooden floors.

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