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50 Great Things About Coronation Street

A word in your shell-like, cocker

Beyond his ken?

What’s got the Barlow ear a-buzzing? We’re glad you asked…

It’s maybe the biggest news in Weatherfield since Albert Tatlock got an inside lavvie. So, listen lady, as we share the scoop with you: Next Monday at the hallowed (half) hour of 7.30pm, TV Cream will launch episode one of a new five-part weekly salute to Coronation Street. Probably entitled something like ‘TV Cream’s 50 Great Things About Coronation Street’ (we’re still market testing that name around Rosamund Street) it’ll be a clip-packed tribute to every aspect of the world’s greatest-ever soap opera.

It’s created by the TV Cream (North) Unit, who this morning travelled down to London Euston with a special trailer for us to listen to… plus a consignment of shirts from Gamma Garments. So, to get a taste of next week’s Corrie excess, press the play button below…


Or download from here.

And we’ll see you back here on Monday night for episode one. Bring a packet of those mints you like!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. David Smith

    December 2, 2010 at 6:52 pm

    Terrific picture. Where did it come from, I’ve never seen it…

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