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SYMS, Sylvia

syms‘She’s a doll! She’s a dish! She’s a delinquent!’ Yep, Sylv’s early break as the wild child daughter of Anna Neagle in My Teenage Daughter is a cinematic touchstone for us, being as it is a Brit teenage film, a rather good Brit teenage film, and a rather good Brit teenage film with Sylvia Syms in respectively. Tony Britton was, er, smitten with her in The Birthday Present. She oversaw *that* lager consumption in Ice Cold in Alex. She was sliced up and dumped in a deep freeze in Asylum. And more recently, she was the Queen Mum. Budge up on the Varied Career bench, everyone!

FINEST HOUR: Well, not Absolute Beginners, that’s for sure. Ach, we’ll plump for My Teenage Daughter. Looking surly in a big frilly skirt is pure cinema.

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