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hepburnMuch more than a smart way to shut up bores who demand a list of famous Belgians, Aud quickly moved up the pecking order from trilling ‘fancy a ciggie?’ in Laughter in Paradise to being adored by the whole of Rome (and a pratfalling Eddie Albert) in two short years. The gamine-for-a-laugh waif did the ‘iconic’ bit with the fag holder and the guitar strumming in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and not really singing in My Fair Lady, of course. That money’s safe. But those who don’t pause to consider the caper-chase double whammy of Charade and the gloriously oddball How to Steal a Million are missing the whole picture as they peruse their coffee table books full of elbow-length gloves and tiaras.

FINEST HOUR: Comic asides and much-much more with Sean Connery’s middle-age spread hero in Richard Lester’s fanatstic Robin and Marian show her deceptive subtlety off as well as anything. it’s like she’d never been away!

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