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fabriziUseless at almost everything he did, or was purported to do – ‘photographer’ it often said on the card, though we’ve never been aware of his portfolio, which would in any case probably have egg stains on – Count Mario Fabrizi was the showbiz loafer par excellence. Famously mooching off of Tony Hancock at his MacConkey’s homestead for years, the lad ‘imself was reduced to taking his bumptious add-on to a local bus stop and sitting with him on a bus before leaping off at the last moment and sighing a weary sigh to be rid of him. On film though Fabrizi could be a real charmer and he landed himself parts, gawd knows how, in some of the best stuff of the 60s. Two Way Stretch and Carry On Cruising, in which he lolled about in the area behind Lance Percival, were typical of his appearances. And appearances they were since he was never required to do much. Still he was good at what little he did and managed to stretch – a bit – beyond being a second string Graham Stark-style professional mate.

FINEST HOUR: easily his blast of invective in The Rebel having a pop at his erstwhile mate, “No froff!?”

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