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LANDEN, Dinsdale

landenOozing charm from every pore he oiled his way across the floor, to purloin a phrase from a small time musical, Dinsdale was for many years the choice embodiment of the officious but unmistakeably sadistic bastard in usually small scale features. As the casually aggressive Colonel in Digby the Biggest Dog in the World or as the similarly awful Commander in Morons from Outer Space he made a speciality, for a while at least, of what might be called the Lethbridge-Stewart School of furrowed brow and clipped consonant frontage with no trace or semblance of intelligence behind the moustache. Either that he was a Vicar but to the same eventual effect.

FINEST HOUR: probably shooting fuzzy wuzzies in Young Winston but actually tracking down secret service sleepers in 1973 Thriller episode An Echo of Theresa. Why no Matthew Earp film franchise then?

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