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Gad-flaming-zooks. Yes, as featured on Moviedrome on 29th May 1988 (while BBC1 was showing a That’s Life holiday special and Everyman – The Fully Ordained Meat Pie), here’s Russell ‘Le Bon on elephant back’ Mulcahy’s mad pig outback horror, which is actually nowhere near as bad as it sounds, with the pig being out of shot for most of it, Jaws-style, and some effective bits like the house being pulled in half, but it’s still far from great, looking at times like a bunch of pop video ideas Duran and Queen had taken one look at while lounging about in Cannes, and thrown overboard. Although Simes and chums did lend New Moon on Monday (‘And a fiiiiredance through the niiiiiiight!’) to the film.

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